Thursday, 19 April 2012

Tick tock...

After I had the pleasure of attending a friends wedding last week, I stayed up half the night making place cards. It hit home how Soon our big day will be upon us an there's still so much to do.
I'm all about the little details, that's what's going to make it for me and I don't want to skip these things just cos I'm disorganised.
Now I'm back at work it's easier for me to be a bit more structured with my time.
The deposit has now been paid for my flowers and my dad has enjoyed sorting out the beverages. Probably hugely over ordering in the hope that there'll be lots for him to take home.

My boys now both have something to wear they are gonna look so cute!

This week we're going to hand deliver our invites, confirm our car booking, finalise our playlist and fingers crossed book our honeymoon!

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