Friday, 6 April 2012

Shrinking the to do list.

I created a blog, posted one entry and then got distracted. Poor little bloggy has sat unloved ever since. So I figured I would revive it for keeping track of my wedding planning (or lack there of), in the hope it would make me more focused and help to shrink my to do list.

I've finished making my invites, they turned out a bit more basic then I had hoped. It was a real chore to find enough hours in the day to create anything more extravagant. But they're cute and I got to use my vintage Woodland Creatures Happy Family cards. I'm hoping people will detach the playing cards and save them as a keepsake of the day.
The most difficult part of the planning process for me has been creating a guest list. What we initially envisaged as being a small number of guests has inexplicably grown making us very grateful for the number of friends and family that we are blessed with. However this has also meant big decisions about who we can physically seat in our hall. It's very handy to be able to invite more people along to the evening party and also welcome everyone to the church as we wed!

Mum, Megan and I had a visit to the wonderful florists in the week. I have a real aversion to roses as they are so 'weddingyyyy' but I was so pleasantly surprised at what I ended up choosing. Natalie is also going to fix us up with some flowers to mirror my bouquet, to pop into Mums glass bottles that we're going to use on the tables. I had always pictured lots of wild flowers but after being told by those in the know that they would quickly wilt, I've been shown some amazing alternatives that would stay a bit more perky through the day but still look as though I'd just grabbed a bunch out of a meadow!

That's enough chatting for now, gotta make some quick bunny ears for this mornings Easter Egg Hunt!!

Kisses x

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