Monday, 29 September 2014

No plastic Christmas

Yes I'm aware it's still September but this one is going to take some extra thought and time. So we have noticed that somehow our house is full of plastic tat. I'm not sure how we've acquired so much since I'm so against plastic toys!

So far I've thought of some ideas for the children but I'm getting a bit stuck:

Books- famous five for Barnaby?
Dressing up clothes
Musical instruments
Art and craft supplies

And that's where I get stuck!
I think I need to extend the gesture to everyone else we buy for and id love to hand make some presents too.

My other plan is to make some new Christmas decorations from natural materials, I think I should've already started!!!

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Count down to 33...

If I live to be 99 then I'm nearly a third of the way through my time on planet earth, (that might be inaccurate my mathematical skills are diabolical). Anyhow I like to make lists so I thought I should make two list. One of the things I would like to do before I'm 33 and one of all the things I would like you all to buy me. Mwah ha ha.

1) finish reading my book
2) ride Kia out of the farm
3) tidy my bedroom
4) sort out my craft stash
5) do at least on of my Pinterest craft projects!

Now for the important stuff...
1) new jodhpurs
2) a basket for my bike
3) a facial or back massage
4) something from Rob Ryan
5) a nice Aztec print cardigan
6) a Pom Pom maker
7) a high viz hat silk
8) argon oil for my hair
9) plectrums!!!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Bathroom make over

I was a bit fed up of the bathroom, we had not decorated since we moved in, the bath panel was looking a bit grubby and the shower curtain covered in mould.
Ideally I'd like to replace the tiles with brick shaped ones but seeing as 90% of the bathroom is tiled it would be an expensive and mammoth task.
Instead I've painted the bathroom a very girly shade of pink (not deterred by the 3 men in my life) and replaced the shower curtain with a biscuity floral design.

It's looking much nicer now! Just need to sort out the ridiculous amounts of bath toys and it'll look fancy!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mark Making- Fine motor skills part 2

Its tricky thinking of new ways to encourage the boys to do drawing and mark making. Both of them get a little tired of being sat in front of a plain get of paper. One day I decided to let them be really naughty and draw under the table. The only rules were they were not to draw on the legs and no one was to tell Nanny! They loved the novelty of this and stayed under there for the best part of 20 minutes in utter silence, I used this time to clean the kitchen.

A few weeks later the boys were getting a bit disruptive again and needed something fresh to keep them amused, we found an empty cardboard box and set to work creating a little world inside. Afterwards they played with small cars and characters.

Other ideas we've tried include-
- drawing on the sand at the beach
- drawing on steamed up windows in the car
- drawing round hands and feet
- using pencils to trace around maps

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Are we nearly there yet?

I've put together some bits and bobs to entertain the tiddlypeeps on our 6 hour car journey tomorrow. I've drawn a eye spy sheet of things the boys can spot, they can also colour them in too. They have sticker books, colouring books and maps. I wonder if we'll get out of the village before they get bored?

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Summer holidays!

1- library reading challenge
2- swimming
3- horse riding
4- fishing with grandad
5- weekend at the beach
6- fruit picking
7- rock pools
8- Cheddar Gorge
9- Longleat
10- evening picnic
11- cuckoo woods
12- make cheese scones
13- sort out toys
14- go for a long bike ride
15- make a magic portal
16- build a spaceship
17- finishing reading the BFG
18- Petworth Park
19- keep a holiday diary
20- Classic Car Show

Mario 6th Birthday Party

I have just about survived having 16 6 year olds round for Barnabys Mario Party!

Two and a half hours seemed like it would go on for an eternity but the children loved decorating their mario karts and racing round the garden track in their teams.

By the time they'd eaten their pizzas an watched the popcorn machine there was some time left to run around like escapees from the zoo and then mummies and daddies came to collect.

So exhausting but worth it to see the big smiles!