Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Things to do with a broken arm

YI haven't posted in a very long time. At the weekend my eldest son fell from a rope swing and broke his wrist.  He has taken it really badly and is in a lot of pain. Unfortunately he's left handed and you guessed it... He's broken his left wrist.
For a very active, sensitive boy it's a lot for him to come to terms with and he doesn't really know what to do with himself!
I googled things to do with a broken up and there were very few ideas for keeping a nearly 9 year old occupied. Here's a list of his current hobbies and you'll see why he's so frustrated!
- Mountain biking
- Drum lessons
- Ukulele
- parkour
- Karate
- Football

So far we've invested in some classic family movies for him to watch but I really want to avoid too much screen time.

We also found a really inspiring YouTube video of a 9 year old drum prodigy playing whilst sporting a fetching cast. This has really inspired him to keep up his practice as much as he can.

Sticker books and trading cards have kept him entertained in these early days as well as some board games (not twister as he helpfully pointed out)

He can't write but I was thinking of borrowing a dictaphone so he record some creative stories.

Once he gets more confident I want to get him out walking in the woods and playing with his friends.

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