Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Mark Making- Fine motor skills part 2

Its tricky thinking of new ways to encourage the boys to do drawing and mark making. Both of them get a little tired of being sat in front of a plain get of paper. One day I decided to let them be really naughty and draw under the table. The only rules were they were not to draw on the legs and no one was to tell Nanny! They loved the novelty of this and stayed under there for the best part of 20 minutes in utter silence, I used this time to clean the kitchen.

A few weeks later the boys were getting a bit disruptive again and needed something fresh to keep them amused, we found an empty cardboard box and set to work creating a little world inside. Afterwards they played with small cars and characters.

Other ideas we've tried include-
- drawing on the sand at the beach
- drawing on steamed up windows in the car
- drawing round hands and feet
- using pencils to trace around maps

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