Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lentil play...Fine motor skills-part 1

The littlest boy seems to have developed really strong fine motor movements. I wanted to look at ways to help develop this even more and also help his big brother whose pencil control still needs a bit of refinement!

The first activity we tried at home was a bit of lentil play. I got a couple of containers together and filled one with some green lentils. They only cost 75p from the coop so its a real bargain to use them at home. Any that weren't used today we will save to make musical instruments with.

Sammy quickly decided that the lentils were rubble and moved them between each container with a truck. I sat with him for 10 minutes while he used his pincer grip to transfer the lentils and chatted to himself about what he was doing. He ended up playing for 45 mins!

When we collected Barnaby from school I hoped that they could play with the lentils happily together. Unfortunately world war 3 broke out over who would get to use the biggest truck!

I'm planning on doing some scissor activities, cornflour gloop, weaving and some mark making over the next few weeks so keep an eye out for more posts soon.

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